fresh dark psytrance & idm\ambient releases out on Tekkin Over Records and Acidsamovar Records in october:
[tekkin_007] M.M.C. - MAPTbISHKI V KOSM0CE (CD) (2010)
[ACSA_019] eniChkin - Guide to musical dimensions of space and time (CD) (2010)
CDs soon will be available in online shops via Arabesque Distribution.
some of our releases now available also on Beatport
the FULL Acidsamovar discography in digital you can alvays get on Junodownload
more news and new digital releases soon
Party - презентация альбома Enichkin,
новые диски Москве можно купить в чайной на Бакунинской . Также там можно купить пуэр отличного качества.
Скоро много всего хорошего, будьте на связи!

fresh dark psytrance releases out on Tekkin Over Records in march:
[tekkin_004] VA - TEkkiNBOMe (CD) (2010)
[tekkin_005] Mind Explorer - Swamp Shamaniac (CD) (2010)
cds can be found here: Juno, Psyshop, Beatspace, Wirikuta, Saikosounds.
out soon: [tekkin_006] Mushroomjet - Zvuki Dlya Kistochki (CD) (2010)

some fresh news. new releases:
[AcSa017] Inshizzo - Don't Panic (CD) (2010)
[AcSa017b] Arx Kaeli - Highway (CD) (2009)
[AcSa018] VA - Sick Compilation vol. 2 (2CD) (2010)
Inshizzo CD Album now aVailable: Juno, Psyshop, Beatspace, Wirikuta, Saikosounds.
ED7 CD Album now available: Juno, Psyshop, Beatspace, Wirikuta, Saikosounds.
Releases page updated.
Soon new releases on Tekkin' Over Records will be pressed - stay tuned.

some news again, after long silence. we are bit lazy, yeah. But - not lazy in releasing new stuff, more - in announcing it =)
allot of new releases was done, mostly digital ones.
finally, full digital discography of acidsamovar records available on junodownload, here.
the same for sublabels Rednex Rampage Records & Tekkin' Over Records.
ALSO! the new sublabel Ru.Breaks started too on Juno! A drum&bass oriented label.
more digital distributors will come shortly, we will be awailable in most of online stores.
pressed this spring new release on Tekkin' Over - MMC - Worlds ID, now distributed worldwide through Arabesque Distribution.
new releases will come soon!
we still receive demo matherials - please send us links to WAV files on e-mail brainfilter@yandex.ru

YEAH! here is the time for a massive pack of NEWS!
we was totally busy last half of year - had no time for the site update )
Out few new releases -
ACSA13 - Salfetky - "Constructor" (2008) (CD)
ACSA14 - Avantiurist- "Blueberry" (2008) (CD)
ACSA15 - ED7 - "Other Sounds" (2009) (WAV\FLAC\MP3)
ACSA16 - Monster Zoku Onsomb! - "Earth Eaters" (CD)
Acsa Digital 003 - Electronic Micro Animal - E.M.A.D.X.M. (WAV\FLAC\MP3) (2009)
Acsa Digital 004 - Fed - First Shit on Acid (WAV\FLAC\MP3) (2009)
Acsa Digital 005 - Ex-clamus - Micr EP (WAV\FLAC\MP3) (2009)
Acsa Digital 006 - Korrupted - Korrupted EP (WAV\FLAC\MP3) (2009)
REDNEX001 - VA - For Thom the Balls Toll (12") (2009)
Last release just out now, and this is the first release of Rednex Rampage Records - new sublabel of Acidsamovar.
Full CD and Vinyl discography of Acidsamovar now distributed by Ad Noiseam.
Digital Downloads of Acidsamovar Records And Sublabels soon will be available at Juno Download (in WAV, FLAC and MP3 quality) and Ad Noiseam too (mp3 only).
We now accept demo matherials as direct links to WAV files. Please contact us via brainfilter@ya.ru.
Please don't send demo via PM in myspace, and links to myspace pages - we often did not read pm's in myspace.

Several fresh news!
Site update - added two last releases. AcSa011 – VA – CHAOS TEA (2x12"LP) already in stock, and can be ordered, as we said before, through Ad Noiseam.
It's killer compilation, and limited to ONLY 500 copys - so, get it, while it's available!
Also we annonce forthcoming huge event in Moscow - Sick Fest VI. Acidsamovar's residents, Mirra + Fay preparing summer tour in EU -
if your promotion company interested to book them - please contact their manager Sergey - brainfilter@yandex.ru
We started myspace profile.
On our last event, Spring Breathing, was filmed a movie about festival.
It will be available in close week or two, but for now you can check out prewiev trailer, and also download for free movie about Sick Fest V
Info about new releases coming soon! Keep in touch mates

Alot of news this spring! Last months was full of work for us, and now is time for fresh releases!
already out AcSa012 – VA – Spring Breathing (CD), - limited edition cd, which was
pressed specially as a gift on IDM-Group festival "Spring Breathing", which have a place in Moscow 08.03.2008
This month in Germany will out of press our second 12" release - double LP AcSa011 – VA – CHAOS TEA (2x12"LP)
CHAOS TEA LP will be distributed worldwide through Ad Noiseam Distribution
More releases and site updates for new releases details and artists will come soon!

Hey Friends! We are planning new releases now - some new cd releases, and the special one -
12" LP VA - IDM-Group V Years on Stage, which will include 6 killer tracks from to-be-nominated-soon artists!
Thanks to anyone for your letters and support!
Best wishes to anybody - keep in touch - we'll back soon!

All our listeners from Russia and CIS countries now can download
all our releases in mp3 320 for special price through our first offical digital distributor .
Also soon will be awailable other digital distributors,
that works with other countries too, and support wav format.
Information about DJ Troll, and our new musician - DeMeNtIa added on the site, and also some details are corrected.

Summer time - but we are work hard!
Hope to enjoy you with hot new stuff in the middle of autumn -)
We had small delay in pressing of Mirra EP, but - finally, it stormed European stores last month.
Many thanks to all our fans all around the world for your feedback and support!
Soon we hope to add some prewiew mp3's in the "releases" section - because many people asked about this.
For now you can listen some preivews on our last.fm page , and distributors's sites (check links below).
This autumn M.M.C. - our sublabel Tekkin' Over Records musician, half of Inshizzo project,
will have a tour around South and North America with M.M.C. and Inshizzo live shows! More soon on his myspace page
stay tuned - more news soon!

United States people can get cds from our US manager Brian.
Just feel free to contact with him via e-mail: mackinnon.brian@gmail.com

Hi Friends!
Some news and updates on the site was done today
our releases awailable in Ad Noiseam (Germany),
soon will e awailable also in Timeless Nettwork (Belgium), SBM Online (Germany), Toolbox (France), and ShopTT (Japan)
Жители России могу заказать всю нашу продукцию напрямую у нас, написав нам на acidsamovar@gmail.com
Если Вы живёте в Москве, вы можете приобрести наши диски в магазине Line Up. Подробнее =>> .

news news news!
already released AcSa007 & AcSa008, available soon in several distributions
for now you can get all our releases in Praxis Shop (Germany) and few in Juno Records
On Gromov's label Allergy Records out his killer debut EP - ALRG01CD "Bring Da Noise"
- it will be awailable soon though all our distributors (still workin' on the full list of them)
we changed domain region from .com to .org.
our shop changed domain to vinylstore.ru
soon more news - stay tuned!

big up to all our friends! many time passed by, and we have many awesome news!
soon we have our next big event - Sick Festival IV
(more information about festival),
there will be presented our brand new releases:
breakcore genius debut album - AcSa007 - Atarix - The Age Of Gemini (CD)
first CD or Russian hard\schranz\industrial techno producer - AcSa008 - DJ Troll - Total Holocaust (CD)
also, in close time all our foreign fans can find our releases
on few European and American distributions - they will be listed here soon.
our first 12" release AcSa003 is already pressed, and soon will be awailable thorough Praxis Shop
our psychedelic trance sublabel is now working on new release - tekkin_002 - VA - EBANIZM (CD, digipack)
Russian people can find all our releases in our shop
if you interested to distribute our releases - please feel free to contact us.

very soon more fresh stuff!
On IDM-Group party, Sick Festival III
(more information about festival soon on http://idm-group.ru and http://nobullshit.ru),
will be presentation on this brand new releases:
AcSa002 - Sick Compilation (2CD)
AcSa004 – Salfetky – Go Screw Yourself (CD)
AcSa005 – Inshizzo – Beyond The Mad Music (CD)
AcSa006 – Mendelayev – Acid Mind (CD)

coming soon second edition of Tekkin' Over Records (Acidsamovar psytrance sublabel) first release -
tekkin_001 M.M.C. - Adrenochrome 100%

now we finalising work on AcSa002, and proud to present our next release -
debut EP of rising star on Russian breakcore & neurofunk drum'n'bass scene
AcSa003 Mirra - Never Knows Best EP (12")
will be pressed in december 2006
more releases coming soon!
stay tuned!

after long silence, we return with breaking news!
coming soon:
AcSa002 - Sick Compilation (2CD)
including exclusive breakcore, idm, experimental tracks from more than 40 producers
from Russia, Germany, USA, Australia, Unighted Kingdom, Holland, Italy, Belgium, China, Brasil and Belarus.
we're workin' on tracks selection for this compilation more than 7 months, so - we promise - this double cd will be awesome & must have!
respect to all musicians, who gives us a tracks!
more details coming soon.

the site is opened!
welcome to the offical site of acidsamovar records!